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What Is Daily Fantasy Golf?

Golf is a sport that is slowly catching on in the fantasy sports world. Mostly dominated by the big four sports, fantasy golf pools have always been hard to find - especially for real money. The fantasy golf pools that you do find such as on Yahoo or the Golf Channel are played throughout the whole year (from January until October) for 1 measly prize that is fought over by over 100,000 poolies.

10 months is a long time to follow a sport, even if it is a sport you love like golf for such low odds of winning. And if you do win, it is usually just a crappy prize.

Fortunately, Daily Fantasy Golf has grown in popularity to the point where Daily Fantasy Sports sites such as our affiliate partners DraftKings and FanDuel have begun to include Daily Fantasy Golf as one of their regular games.

So... What Is Daily Fantasy Golf?

Essentially, Daily Fantasy Golf offers the thrill and fun of playing in a fantasy golf pool – in just one week!

Unlike all the other fantasy golf pools you’ve entered in the past, you simply need to focus on just one PGA Tour golf tournament.

How To Play Daily Fantasy Golf

  • Decide what tournament you want to be in a pool for
  • Pick your players
  • Choose your opponents
  • Put down a few bucks
  • Watch the PGA golf tournament
  • Cash in your winnings!
  • It’s that simple!

Advantages Of Daily Fantasy Golf

If you are like a lot of golf fans that believe that golf season doesn’t really begin until The Masters, pick The Masters as your tournament to start playing - the advantage of Daily Fantasy Golf is you decide when you want to play!

Here are some other advantages of Daily Fantasy Golf:

  • INJURIES CAN'T RUIN YOUR WHOLE YEAR – Season long fantasy golf pools always run the risk of a player getting injured and not returning or playing fewer tournaments. With Daily Fantasy Golf, you pick a new lineup every week, no worries about golfers getting injured.
  • PICK ANY GOLFERS YOU WANT – You want the top golfer in the field that week – take him! You can choose whoever you want as long as you don’t exceed the fantasy salary cap.
  • LOTS OF MONEY TO BE MADE – You can play for free if you want to try your luck or you can wager $2, $5, $10, $100 or more! There are always different levels available - just go at your own pace, but know that if you are good at picking fantasy golf players, you will make money playing daily fantasy golf.
  • PLAY AGAINST YOUR GOLF BUDDIES ONLINE – You can create your own private leagues that can only include your friends. That way if you want to just play for fun you can, or, if you guys want to each put some money into a pot and play for it, you can do that too. Easy to set up and no collecting cash!


If you are ready to play Daily Fantasy Golf for some real money, check out our Daily Fantasy Golf Strategies page to help you get started.

And, to start playing right now, sign up here at DraftKings (our affiliate partner) and get a FREE contest ticket when you make your first deposit of $5 or more - nothing like free cash to play fantasy golf!

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