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Why You Should Avoid Free Fantasy Golf Leagues

Although we have already offered up the Top Fantasy Golf Leagues for you to play at for real cash, some people are still to hesitant (...chicken, I guess) to play anything but Free Fantasy Golf Leagues.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone that has ever played in any type of fantasy league has joined up at some point to play at Yahoo or ESPN, but at some point in life, we need to take the training wheels off and ride the big boy bike.

Top Reasons Why you Should Avoid Free Fantasy Golf Leagues

  • Too Much Competition – There are thousands upon thousands of competitors in these free golf leagues all playing for 1 weekly (crappy) prize and 1 top prize. You have better odds finding spare change in your sofa every week.
  • Horrible Prizes – Unless you finish in 1st Place (most will offer a trip for 2 valued at $5000 as a final prize), that’s a lot of time to invest into a chance at a small prize.
  • Need to Play Every Week and Every Tournament – If you want to win the top prize, you need to play every week and make lineup changes possibly daily. You also need to play the secondary PGA Tournaments which have the lesser-known golfers playing. Miss a week or miss a tournament deadline and say goodbye to your chances at winning.

So - What Is The Alternative?

There is an alternative to free fantasy golf leagues with crappy prizes though. You can play games for FREE at our partner site and win real cash prizes.

DraftKings is a top fantasy golf site that, in addition to paid games for real money, provides tons of FREE golf games to play each tournament against other people. You can play strangers or get your buddies to join and still play against them for FREE. You can even win step tournaments that could get you into bigger cash contests and occasionally there are freerolls that allow you to play in cash contests for free and build your bankroll. Using our DraftKings link when you join and make a deposit, will also give you a FREE contest entry into a real money fantasy contest.

So - What About All Those Popular But Crappy Free Fantasy Golf Leagues?

If we haven’t convinced you into playing at a good daily fantasy golf site by now, we may never be able to. Below we have listed the Top Free Fantasy Golf Leagues that you can play at and the Pros and Cons of playing at each of them.

Yahoo Fantasy Golf League

Why Yahoo is a Good Free Fantasy Golf League

  • It’s free to play – We all like "free".
  • Site is user friendly – Player’s scores are updated quickly and accurately.
  • Popularity – A lot of people play at Yahoo, so many of your friends may be playing already.

Why You Might Avoid Yahoo Fantasy Golf

  • You must play all year long – To win the grand prize, you need to follow your team daily, make regular changes, and then play every tournament all year. Miss a week and you will almost definitely lose.
  • A lot of competition – Free games for prizes brings out a lot of people and there are over 100,000 opponents to play against at Yahoo – that is difficult even for experts to compete against.
  • Limits to who you can pick – Yahoo has categories that you can pick from (A, B and C) and you may not get the golfers you want because of how they are ranked. You can also only start each golfer 10 times in a season max.

Golf Channel Fantasy Challenge

Why Golf Channel Fantasy Challenge is a Good Free Fantasy Golf League

  • It’s free to play – There is no cost to play the Golf Channel Fantasy Challenge.
  • Choose golfers multiple times - There are no limits on how many times you can choose a golfer throughout the PGA Tour fantasy golf season.
  • Weekly cash prizes (sort of) – If you can beat out 100,000 others, you can win a $100 gift card.

Why You Should Avoid The Golf Channel Fantasy Challenge

  • Lots of competition – Like Yahoo, over 100,000 players are all vying for one big prize.
  • Miss a deadline, miss a week – Once the tournament starts, you can’t submit picks which means if you slip up, you will probably be out of the running for the grand prize.

PGA Tour Fantasy Golf

Why PGA Tour Fantasy Golf is a Good Online Fantasy Golf League

  • It’s free to play – There is no cost to play.
  • It's like playing two games in one – The PGA Tour Fantasy Golf is like Yahoo Fantasy Golf and the Golf Channel Fantasy Challenge golf game combined into one.
  • They know their golf – It is after all the PGA Tour we’re talking about.

Why You Should Avoid PGA Tour Fantasy Golf

  • Limits of who you can pick – Like Yahoo Fantasy Golf, you can only take a player 10 times in a year.
  • Lots of competition – In time, the same players that play yahoo Fantasy Golf and the Golf Channel Fantasy golf game will all sign up to play at the PGA Tour Fantasy Golf game. So in other words, you will have 100,000+ players to compete against.
  • Miss a week and you’re gone – It’s a year-long game and although missing one week won’t be the end of your team, you won't win the grand prize if you do miss a week.


Bottom line - if you want to win CASH PRIZES playing in free fantasy golf leagues online, then you want to play at one of the top weekly fantasy golf sites.