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Online Fantasy Golf LeaguesFor those of us that live in areas that the snow falls and the golf courses are closed half the year, the closest we get to any golf action is watching it on TV.

Thankfully, Fantasy Golf continues to grow and golf fanatics can enhance their television viewing by picking a fantasy golf team and have something at stake during each PGA Tour tournament.

Some are lucky enough to have friends that create their own Online Fantasy Golf Leagues, but for those that have nobody around them with an interest in fantasy golf, we have solutions for you.

Below is a list of Top Online Fantasy Golf Leagues. Some are free, some aren’t...but with this list, you can decide where you want to play fantasy golf while waiting for the weather to warm up so you can get out on the course.


Why DraftKings is a Great Online Fantasy Golf League

We are partners with DraftKings and receive compensation for new players joining through our links. This helps us to provide quality content to our followers.

  • Free games to play – DraftKings does offer free fantasy golf games for you to test out the site and try the fantasy golf games, but they are mostly "Step Tournaments" to win tickets to bigger contests. You can practice your skills until you are ready to play fantasy golf for real money.
  • Pick your competition – You can play someone 1-on-1 (head to head), or play in a league of 5, 10, 20 or even larger fantasy golf leagues with cash prizes.
  • Free Contest Entry - If you join using our DraftKings link and make your 1st deposit of $5 or more, you will receive a FREE contest ticket to play in a tournament contest at DraftKings and get you even closer to huge Fantasy Golf prizes…ALL FOR FREE!

Why You Might Avoid Playing Fantasy Golf at DraftKings

  • Real Money games offer real competition – People that play for money are sometimes better than the "average Joe" - so you will have to do a bit of research if you want to win money playing fantasy golf at DraftKings.
  • Only One Type of Fantasy Game – Currently, DraftKings only offers a Salary Cap style fantasy golf game. If you like some variety in your fantasy golf games, you may be out of luck for a while.


Why FanDuel is a Great Real Money Fantasy Golf League

  • Free games to play – FanDuel is new to Fantasy Golf but is one of the BIGGEST DFS companies in the world. They offer a lot of FREE games to get people to check out their contests with the occasional freeroll contest. We have played Fantasy Golf games at FanDuel (and won money there too), so signing up even just to try the free games is a no-brainer.
  • Pick your competition – Whether you want to play a head to head, GPP or double-up contests, there are lots of options to make money.
  • Free Money - If you sign up to through the links on this page and make a deposit, you will receive 5 free fantasy contest to play in.

Why You Might Avoid Playing Fantasy Golf at FanDuel

  • Real Competition – You aren’t playing guys from PGA TOUR Fantasy or Yahoo Fantasy Golf that really aren’t putting any thought into their lineups – these are players just like you that want to make some money.
  • Only Salary Cap Games Offered – They only have one type of fantasy golf game available to play, so if you aren’t a fan of salary cap games…you are SOL!
  • Different Scoring System – The fantasy golf scoring system is a bit different from regular salary cap games.


Why Fantasy Draft is One Of The Top Online Fantasy Golf Leagues

  • Smaller player base means less sharks to play against
  • Create games for you and your friends to compete against each other
  • Free Fantasy Golf Contests to Test your skills and Try out the games
  • Bonus Cash – If you enter Fantasy Draft Promo Code REALMONEY when joining FantasyDraft, your 1st deposit will get you a 100% deposit bonus up to $600.

Why You Might Avoid Playing Fantasy Golf at FantasyDraft

  • Smaller player base than the bigger sites – Although this could be an advantage for some fantasy golf the form of less competition.