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Fantasy Golf For UK Players

DraftKings UK GamesIf you live in the United Kingdom and have been jealous that your North American friends can play fantasy golf for real money...then there is good news for you!

The two Biggest sites that offers Daily Fantasy Golf Contests for real money are now set up in the UK.

We have always had emails and social media posts asking us "I live in th UK, can I play at FanDuel or DraftKings?" and up until recently the answer was always a NO!

But that has now changed - In August of 2015 DraftKings was granted a license to operate in the UK and on February 5, 2016 DraftKings officially launched games in the UK. In August of 2016 FanDuel launched their UK site offering golf games when they launched their fantasy golf games. FREE Ticket Bonus Offer

Given we are one of DraftKings biggest partners in promoting fantasy golf, we have a special bonus for all new players to DraftKings from the UK. Sign up using the UK DraftKings logos on this page and when you make your first deposit to play at DraftKings (Minimum $10) you will get a FREE Contest Ticket to play in a fantasy game with a prize pool in the hundreds of thousands of British Pounds! You don't need a Promo Code when you sign up to DraftKings like at some other sites, our UK Players links are all you need!

DraftKings UK

Remember - also has some of you favorite fantasy football action...And I'm not talking that USA stuff with a pigskin! DraftKings has partnered with 3 Premier League teams: Arsenal, Liverpool and Watford and offers fantasy soccer games with the largest prizes of any daily fantasy sports site. If Fantasy Golf isn't your game, surely you have some skills at picking fantasy soccer players and winning thousands of dollars or pounds as the case may be.

Here's a short video about

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Golf's 4 Majors are where the action really is! With the Fantasy Golf Millionaire Contest giving out a grand prize of $1 Million to the 1st place finisher you can be the hero in your local pub when you cash in that big novelty check

FanDuel UK Games and Bonus

Not to be outdone, FanDuel is running a Win or Play Again Promo - Play your first game at FanDuel and if you win you keep the cash! If you lose, they will credit you account (up to $120) and you can try again.

FanDuel Fantasy Golf Millionaire

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