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Daily Fantasy Golf Strategies and Tips

Just because Daily Fantasy Golf is played over a single tournament as opposed to a full season doesn’t make it less challenging. To make money playing daily fantasy golf weekly, you need to stick to some basic daily fantasy golf strategies rather than just randomly pick players you like or know.

Here are some Daily Fantasy Golf Tips and Strategies that players are using to earn a living playing daily fantasy golf online at sites like DraftKings for real cash:

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Know the Fantasy Site's scoring system

Each daily fantasy sports site has a different scoring system for their daily fantasy golf games. Most will reward points for birdies, pars and eagles whereas some will also reward points for how the golfer finishes overall. Most will also deduct points for bogeys, double bogeys or missing a tournament cut, but how much they deduct can be a game changing factor. Knowing the scoring system will help you in selecting a fantasy golfer that is either risky and gets a lot of bogeys, but makes up for it with wins, or a player that is pretty steady and settles for pars and a few birdies.

Play the hot hand

Golfers can go on a hot streak just like other athletes. When a golfer has a solid four rounds of a PGA tournament, look to see if he is worth the risk to draft to your fantasy golf team the next week. If he continues to play well, it doesn’t hurt to ride him until he falters.

Watch the PGA Tournaments

Nothing will improve your odds to make money playing daily fantasy golf than actually watching tournaments on the PGA tour. You can watch how consistent players play, listen to expert analysis from the commentators and pick up some tips on player's personal lives and people around them (e.g. ill family members, new swing coach, swing changes, new equipment, etc...). All this info is available if you research every player online, but you will gain a lot of knowledge if you simply take some time to watch golf on TV.

Know the Golf courses

Every golf course on the PGA Tour is different. Some favor long hitters, some rely on a good short game, some produce players that consistently do well and some are a nightmare even for the top PGA golfers on tour. Knowing about the golf course and how your possible fantasy golf picks will play on it is an important daily fantasy golf strategy that if often overlooked by beginning daily fantasy golf owners.

Pay Attention To Past performance

Tied in with the fantasy golf strategy of "Knowing the Golf Courses" comes the importance of a golfers past performance at a particular course or tournament. Some golfers just love playing certain courses and excel at them. On the flip side, some golfers dread certain courses beacuse of their past history there. When making your final fantasy golf selections, check out their past history on that particular course or at that particular tournament. The U.S. Open is played at a different course each year, but the setup is similar. A golfer that can play well on that set up should be fine at any of the courses they play the U.S. Open at.

Check The Weather

Weather in golf is a huge factor. On a dry course, long hitters tend to do well because their balls will roll farther. On a wet course, short iron players tend to excel because they can stick it closer to the pin with less roll to contend with. Wind can cause havoc for some players, whereas others embrace it. When making your final decisions about which fantasy golfer to choose, check out the projected weather and see if it makes any difference to your player. This winning tip has made me a lot of money recently.

Look for Consistent golfers in a weak field

Golfers take certain golf tournaments off and in those tournaments the lack of star power hurts the PGA at the turnstiles. However, there are some golf tournaments that some top PGA Tour golfers enjoy playing at even if others don’t. Use the RBC Canadian Open for example. Because it falls the week after The Open Championship across the pond, many golfers skip it due to travel fatigue and overall scheduling. However a small group of top PGA Tour golfers still show up and they are usually always at the top of the leaderboard. Look for the big names in these fields and choose accordingly.

You Don't Need To Pick The Winner In Fantasy Golf

We all like to win when we pick players and if you are betting on golf then wins do matter. However, in weekly fantasy golf, although a win is a bonus from one of the golfers you pick, making the cut and finishing high is even more important. Finding golfers that consistently make the cut at PGA tournaments will in the long run get you farther than trying to pick the winner. In other words, picking the 3 most expensive salary cap golfers and the 3 lowest salary cap golfers at DraftKings will not necessarily get you a fantasy win. Having all 6 of your fantasy picks play all four rounds and hopefully finish close to the top will ultimately make you more money and is a much stronger Fantasy Golf Strategy.

Make sure Your Choices Are playing

Although the final field is usually announced on the Friday before the scheduled tournament on the PGA Tour Official Website, it is not uncommon for a player to pull out on Monday or Tuesday due to various factors. Before you set your weekly fantasy golf lineup, double check that the player is still playing and hasn’t withdrawn for some reason.


These Fantasy Golf Strategies and Winning Tips are being used by daily fantasy golf poolies to make a living playing fantasy sports for money. Do you want to quit your job and earn a living playing fantasy golf weekly?

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