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How To Find Value Players For Fantasy Golf

Value PicksIn a perfect world, just take all the top PGA Tour golfers listed at a top daily fantasy golf site and plug them into our salary cap lineup. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t quite work like that, and with a fantasy golf salary cap we need to look for value picks to create a roster.

Below are tips on how to find value players for fantasy golf...

Look for alternates

Although golfers commit to a tournament, they sometimes back out on the Monday or Tuesday prior for a variety of reasons. Take a peek and see which PGA Tour alternate gets added to the field. He may have a good history at that golf course (see below), and may be a great value pick for you to take a flier on.

Look At course history

There are some golfers that are nowhere near being a top golfer, but for whatever reason, on a particular course each year, that guy seems to finish in the top 10 or even have a shot at winning. Look at past results and see how players do every year on a course and see if they are undervalued at the daily fantasy golf site you play at because they normally aren’t a great fantasy option.

Weather conditions

Some weather conditions favor particular golfers. If a course is a long yardage, and the weather has been hot and dry for a while, a long distance hitter will score better on the Par 5s being able to reach the greens in 2 (or even reach some par 4s in 1). Alternatively, rainy, wet courses allow the short game experts to aim it right at the pin and have a better chance of sticking it close for birdie chances. See which golfers have an advantage in certain weather conditions and find out which is a value pick.


Some DFS sites make mistakes when they create salaries for their games. It is not an exact science to creating golfer salaries and when a mistake is made, it’s up to you to pounce on it - because if you don't...others will. Look at the whole list of golfers and see if there are any that are better odds to win the tournament and the fantasy site has valued them low.

Compare to Vegas Odds

Speaking of odds, the boys in Vegas know their stuff! Each tournament has the odds of which golfer is likely to win the tournament. Check the odds at a site like Bovada and see if Vegas has high hopes for anyone that may be undervalued at your favorite daily fantasy golf site.


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