How To Make Money Playing Daily Fantasy Golf Strategies

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How To Make Money Playing Daily Fantasy Golf

Make Money Playing Fantasy GolfHow do they do it? How do fantasy players consistently make money playing fantasy golf at sites like our affiliate partner What am I doing wrong?

Have you asked yourself these questions before? Well here are some answers for you...

Below we have some daily fantasy golf strategies and tips to help you Make Money Playing Daily Fantasy Golf just like the fantasy golf experts do.

Play 50/50 Games

As much as we all want to win a big contest jackpot playing fantasy golf, the reality is that the odds are stacked against you. The best fantasy golf players mostly play head to head games or even more popular are 50/50 games. When you play in 50/50 games, your odds improve to a 50% change of winning. The more players you compete against, the better your chances. Don’t get me wrong - you still need to do the research and pick the best fantasy golf lineup - but it is a lot easier to win when 50% of the contest gets paid out. Most top fantasy golf players create a lineup they think will win and then offer and accept multiple head to head challenges and play in many 50/50 games ranging from $2-$50. Even if you only win 60% of your games, you will still win money.

Watch and follow golf

You can read stats and stories until your eyes pop out, but if you watch and follow golf on a regular basis via the PGA Tour coverage, you will learn who’s hot, who’s not, who is having swing issues, who is changing coaches, who is dealing with personal issues, whose game suits one type of course over another, etc... These are all tips that you pick up watching the coverage and hearing what the announcers say. They watch the most golf on the planet so they know almost everything that is going on the PGA Tour.

Pick good players in weak fields

Some top PGA Tour tournaments, like the majors or some of the other big tourneys, have the top 50 golfers in the world competing. Look at smaller tournaments that have only 3 or 4 of the top 50 golfers entered. More often than not, one of the top guys at least contends in the tournament and he should be sitting in your fantasy golf lineup.

Spot the fish

Poker players have long said, "If you can’t spot the fish in the first 15 minutes at the table…then you are the fish!" Look for a fish to play week in and week out. You can enter free contests at our partner sites DraftKings and FanDuel and see who finishes in the bottom third of the contests all the time. Pick a few of these fishy players and challenge them to small head to head games (don’t try to scare them off with a big money challenge). If they are that bad to finish poorly in a free tournament, chances are they will be good for a few weeks of wins against your fantasy golf teams.

Ask the experts

If you really want advice on who to pick for your fantasy golf team, don’t waste your time reading blog articles with picks and predictions of who will win the next PGA Tour tournament (if they really were any good at picking winners, do you think they’d still be writing a golf blog?). Invest in a site like GolfBanker which makes a living on giving out picks. They can be used for betting purposes, but their picks translate well into the fantasy golf world. Even if they don’t pick the winner, their insight and picks usually gets you a golfer or two that will net you several top 10 finishes which results in a ton of fantasy golf points.

Now that you’ve learned How To Make Money Playing Daily Fantasy Golf…it’s time for you to actually do it...

Join FanDuel here and try out these concepts that are proven fantasy golf strategies to make money for you.

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