Masters Fantasy Golf Strategies

Masters Fantasy Golf Pool Strategies

Every year the PGA Masters Golf tournament becomes the unofficial beginning of the golf season. Although the PGA Tour season now actually begins way back in October, the aura of the Masters coincides with the beginning of spring and the beginning of the playing golf season for most people.

Even people that don't play in fantasy golf leagues during the year somehow get suckered into joining a Masters Fantasy Golf Pool. If that is are in luck having found this page! Masters Green Jacket

Below, we have a list of strategies and tips to help you win your Masters Golf Pool or at least have a respectable showing so that you can make others in your fantasy golf league jealous.

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Now, here is the list of our Masters Fantasy Golf Pool Strategies...

Avoid 1st-Timers at the Masters

Our #1 Masters fantasy golf pool strategy is to avoid players playing in their 1st Masters tourney. The Masters is played each year at Augusta National. Although not scary in terms of length, Augusta has always been one of those places where certain holes can swallow up a golfer. PGA Tour players that have played before get to know the course and can make better shot judgements while a new player will miss some stuff that comes with experience. Also, it's important to factor in the "WOW" factor of Augusta - it is one of the most iconic golf courses in the world and once a player gets that coveted invite to play, a lot of good golfers get awestruck in their first trip around the course.

Watch the Weather

The Masters, in April, is usually filled with pleasant days...but when the weather turns, scores get higher. When the course is dry, Augusta favors the more accurate golfer that can hit and stick it on the quick greens. When the weather is wet, the ball seems to almost stick upon landing. Long hitters succeed in bad weather but when there is a dry spell, the accurate hitters prevail. Windy days can also catch a rookie golfer by surprise, so make sure your roster players know how to handle the swirling winds of Amen corner before setting your fantasy golf pool lineup.

Choose golfers with a well-rounded golf game

Augusta isn't a long course, but being able to hit it far helps. Ultimately, you want a golfer who can keep it in the fairway and has a great short game. If you add in a solid drive average, you have a recipe for a golfer that can win the Masters. An important Masters golf pool tip is to look for players that are well-rounded (i.e. they can do it all fairly well).

Look at Past History at the Masters

Some golfers just don't understand the course at Augusta. Check out how players have done in the past on the course - there are good golfers that miss the cut each year and alternatively, there are some average golfersthat finish top 25 each year at the Masters.

Keep an eye on the hot Golfer

A great Masters fantasy golf strategy is to look for golfers that are hot before the tourney. Golfers are a streaky bunch, and although many of these Masters Fantasy Golf Strategies hold true, if a golfer is on a hot streak heading into the Masters, he should not be ignored.

Look at our basic daily fantasy strategies for other tips

Although the PGA Masters tourney is a unique golf tournament by it's own right, many of our Daily Fantasy Golf Strategies can be applied to the Masters tournament. Check out the article to see what else can help you win your Masters Fantasy League or contest.


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